About the Managing Director

The Malaysian market has been kind to us throughout most of our 20 years in operation.

The successful partnership we have established with the engineering fraternity, whether from Government agencies, consulting practices or contractors, is made possible only because they have kept an open mind and gave us every opportunity to meet the challenge of providing effective and energy efficient lighting solutions.

The advent of LED technology have open up tremendous new possibilities in the lighting arena but LED solutions are more complicated than conventional HID solutions. Under careful guidance from our Principal, Schreder S.A., Straits Design is committed to continuing our culture of selling responsibly through the dissemination of accurate and up-to-date information.

Last but not least, this is an opportune moment to acknowledge the effort and contribution from our staff, both past and present for bringing Straits Design to where we are today.

“Proper lighting can contribute to the overall ambience. The intensity of light, the way lighting is placed, all will affect our moods. Most are so concerned about designs and not much care is placed on the lighting, on how it looks like at night. Providing a safe environment for the city is not going to cost more, it just needs to be better managed. A well lit building gives it a lovely skyline and if we include the energy saving factor, it will add value to the property. Achieving that is Straits Design's social responsibility.”

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