About the Chairman

I was involved personally when we started the Straits Design co-operation 20 years ago. Even today, I remember with pleasure these early modest starting steps in the environment of technology of that time. We worked together with local authorities and engineers on big tasks of the day - replacement of mercury lamps by sodium and corresponding gain in lighting power and energy efficiency. Then, come the period of sealsafe optical systems which created a new level of competition by advanced sealing and maintenance characteristics. All that time the latest lighting technology from Europe was available to Straits Design, which passed it on to the Malaysian market, including some special projects like SMART tunnel.

While building our presence in the Malaysian market, we also built mutual confidence and partnership, both within the company and with the customers. It is with that strong base that we are embarking now on a new challenge and new opportunity: the real, profound, change in lighting industry thanks to emergence of LED sources. Schreder offers today a full line of advanced and reliable LED products, based on the vast amount of information collected, while preparing for them long before the LED really hit the market.

In our quest of being local globally in more than 40 world destination we strive to understand the needs and tastes of every local customer. We also make certain that the latest products, LED and others to come, are made available everywhere with exactly the same principle of always offering the best feasible solution, informing clearly on all the characteristics of the product and honouring the trust given to us by delivering to our promise and making no concessions on quality. Finally, making the world more green means not only the best energy efficiency - which we reach always - but creating more trust and respect between people and organizations.

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