Recession proof service

Irrespective of the state of the economy, Straits Design’s highly skilled staff works constantly to help corporate clients re-evaluate their existing system and find upgraded solutions that offer better capital returns for their organisations in the long run. It achieves this by leveraging on Schreder’s strong commitment in the research and development of lighting technology which has made it into a world leader of lighting today.  


Public advisors for public lighting

For engineers, traditionally functionality is the sole consideration pertaining to urban lighting but our core team of ‘public advisors’ are now leading the charge on the importance of the form and function of public lighting. With the urban landscape environment taking on a more creatively aesthetic feel, it is equally important that local lighting engineers, consultants and public administrators be attuned to such fast moving shifts in the lighting product developments arena. Beautiful street lanterns that are more than just functional is what’s making urban landscaping so interesting today and Straits Design’s personnel is primed to tap into this new market opening opportunity.

Design Dominance

The Schreder Group boasts an enviable 60 year track record in the manufacturing of public lighting fixtures that hails back to 1937. It factory in Ans, Belgium continues to deliver state of the art lighting products that meet the ever changing needs of customers.

Research and Development is a major commitment and the establishment of its R&D centre known as R-Tech at Liege is one of Europe’s most sophisticated lighting laboratory where Schreder designs and develops light fittings from ground principles.

R-Tech is accredited to Cenelec, a European Certification body.


Developing next generation lighting experts

Schreder invests millions yearly in developing products to meet the latest market expectations while the highly motivated Straits Design employees are given the proper training by Schreder's best of the best so that jointly, there is the assurance that the latest innovative products are sold responsibly to projects capable of deriving the maximum benefits from such technologies.
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