About Us

Straits Design Sdn Bhd was established in 1990 as a joint venture company between  Messrs Schreder S. A. of Belgium and local partners. Over the years, Straits Design has established itself as a specialist lighting system provider and manufacturer of a full range of outdoor light fittings. To date, the company has delivered more than 600,000 lighting fixtures throughout Malaysia: on highways, expressways, bridges, airports, ports and urban environments.

In line with the global shift towards delivering more sustainable and greener lighting solutions, Schreder has restructured its corporate operations, and Straits Design is the exclusive partner for all sales and marketing activities in Malaysia and Brunei while still retaining manufacturing responsibilities.


Straits Design is dedicated towards creating awareness about correct lighting principles. We strive to be a solution-based company driven to deliver conversant and consistent standards in all our projects. We pride ourselves as being in the forefront of lighting technology in Malaysia. Every effort is made to share our knowledge and experience as part of our contribution to raising industry standards and to reflect our commitment in achieving increased local content in our products and services.

Commitment to Our Clients

We deliver the most technologically advanced products in the market and are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive only the best solutions for their needs all the time, every time. We offer lighting solutions that keep its performance throughout a long lifespan with minimum maintenance cost.

Commitment to The Environment

Environmental sustainability has always been an important aspect at Straits Design. It is our culture to incorporate efficient technology for the specific requirements of each project. We look for energy efficient answers that reduce operational costs and lowers carbon footprint whilst still delivering solutions meeting International and Local standards.

Partnership with Schréder

Straits Design and Schréder have been collaborating in a mutually beneficial partnership since 1990. Schréder brings with them over 100 years of experience in the outdoor lighting market, and Straits Design brings in our unique and in-depth knowledge of the market in Malaysia and Brunei for Schréder products.


Schréder is an international group in more than 70 countries throughout the world providing total solutions, optimized for energy efficiency and low carbon footprint without compromising on safety, comfort and sense of well-being for the environment. Consistently delivers with the launch of Schréder Exedra, a new IOT platform for smart lighting and smart cities.  Schréder continues to stamp its mark as a global market leader in its field.