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Parvis Sainte-Alix

SHUFFLE meets the challenge of providing EV charging points for residents in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre The Parvis Sainte-Alix in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre is a pleasant square with a modern church, surrounded by elegant houses in a wooded setting that gives it a welcoming atmosphere. The local authorities in Woluwe-Saint-Pierre are committed to becoming a smart city by integrating existing […]

Éric Choteau Hockey Pitch

Smart sports lighting solution with Schréder ITERRA adapts light to meet different requirements Le Touquet-Paris-Plage is a seaside town in northern France on the Opal Coast. Thanks to its magnificent natural setting, residents and tourists can practise a wide range of sporting activities, both in and out of the water. The local council also provides a range […]

Dodder Greenway Project

Smart lighting to encourage active mobility, connect communities and protect the environment Dodder Greenway is a 17km long walking and cycling route along the River Dodder on Dublin’s southside, that will link the capital’s city centre to the Dublin mountains. It is designed to provide a safe and scenic path for commuters to adopt a […]

Smart Lódz

Smart lighting plays vital role in boosting social and economic cohesion to regenerate city centre Lodz, the 3rd largest city in Poland, has a rich and diverse urban heritage as it was once the leading centre of the textile industry. Faced with economic decline, many factories were abandoned and the city, particularly the Ksiezy Mlyn area, […]

Roybon Town Centre

Energy-efficient lighting enables Roybon to preserve its heritage and character The town of Roybon in the Isère department, covers part of the Chambaran natural park and has a largely forested landscape. It is recognised for its fauna and flora which is strongly appreciated by tourists. Yet, Roybon also has a particular history! A town with […]

Jardim das Nascentes

Sustainable lighting creates a vibrant nocturnal landscape without disturbing flora and fauna Jardim das Nascentes, a 3.7-hectare garden in Montijo’s nature reserve, recently underwent an urban regeneration as part of the city’s strategy to open up this area to citizens while protecting the natural ecosystems in the area. The newly transformed park would create a […]

Malmö Inner Ring Road

Smart lighting solution saves energy and preserves the environment along this busy motorway The city of Malmö prides itself on setting standards in sustainability and is a member of the European Green Capital Network, the continent’s most innovative cities in the fight against climate change. As part of its initiatives to slow climate change, the […]

Octodure Stadium

Energy-efficient sports lighting adapts light levels to events taking place Octodure Stadium in Martigny is home to FC Martigny-Sports who play in the Swiss 1 Liga and is used for a variety of sports by the local community. In 2022, the local authorities decided to replace the lighting on the football pitch and surrounding athletics […]

Hunting Energy Services

Industrial lighting solution reduces costs, carbon footprint and maintenance operations at Velsen-Noord facility Hunting Energy Services (HES) manufactures products that enable oil and gas extraction for the world’s leading companies. The lighting in the company’s manufacturing facility in Velsen-Noord had deteriorated. It was providing a low light output (100 – 150 lux) that had reduced […]

Aveiro Port

Industrial lighting cuts energy costs by 79% at this busy port Aveiro Port plays a vital role in serving a wide range of industries in central and northern Portugal. It has several terminals, where fish, wood and metal cargo is handled. The North Terminal is the main multi-purpose terminal, with two quays, 900m and 250m long, […]

Sport Park Indoor Hall

Sports lighting reduces energy costs by 75% and improves visibility to up the players game SportPark, nestled in the green landscape of Plauen in the Vogtland region, is a sports centre that provides accessible and affordable facilities to the local community. It has over 5,500m²  indoor and 15,000m² outdoor spaces dedicated to different sports and […]

Smart Bad Hersfeld

Smart street lights set new standards in public lighting Towns and cities are faced with the challenge a of lighting public spaces to improve the quality of life for citizens and support economic development while reducing energy consumption and preserving the environment. A firm believer in leveraging digital technology to find long-term solutions, the local […]