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Bull Yard

TECEO on iconic triple mast lighting columns creates a unique lighting structure to enhance this busy shopping precinct both by day and by night In 2017, Coventry Council announced a ten-year strategic plan to enable the city to become a culturally attractive, vibrant and prosperous city for everyone who lives, works and studies there. The […]

Atlantico Motorways

Smart lighting responds to the different needs along these busy motorways, saving energy and costs The A8 motorway running from the capital Lisbon to Leiria along the west coast, is an extremely important gateway for the region. This 138km long artery promotes tourism by providing easy access to several tourist spots and beaches and supports […]

Wangen Im Allgäu

Design, ambiance and energy savings for picturesque region The HapiLED was chosen to light the beautiful landscapes of the Allgovia region in southern Germany thanks to its aesthetic design and energy savings. The historic city of Wangem im Allgaü wanted to replace its old cylindrical luminaires as part of a plan to generate energy savings. […]

Tilburg Lighting Upgrade

Modularity of the FLEXIA enables this forward-thinking city to standardise its lighting network and achieve sustainability goals The city of Tilburg, in the southern Dutch province of Brabant, has a reputation for innovation and efficiency. It constantly strives to put in place solutions that improve the quality of life for its citizens and enable it […]

Theunis Bridge

Lighting to ensure safety, reduce energy costs and enhance this impressive work of art The Gabriel Theunis Bridge is located on the Albert Canal in Merksem, just outside Antwerp. With nearly 40 million tons of goods transported annually, the Albert Canal is the most important waterway in Flanders. The old bridge, with a clearance height […]

Smart Békéscsaba

Smart street lights become strategic assets to save energy, lower the city’s carbon footprint and deliver more for the community The city of Békéscsaba in south east Hungary is well known for it’s food industry, especially the Csaba sausages, which are the focus of one of Hungary’s best-known food festivals in October. The city also […]

Praça da República

Aesthetic smart pole transforms square into safe, vibrant and inviting space at the heart of community life Known for its mineral-rich hot springs that the Romans came to visit, Vizela only officially became a town 20 years ago. Since then, the local authorities have been investing in its infrastructure to improve the quality of life […]

Aimé Giral Stadium

Low-energy sports lighting solution improves visibility to comply with LNR regulations and enhance fan experience The Aimé Giral Stadium is the stronghold of the Union Sportive des Arlequins Perpignanais (USAP) rugby team, the pride of the city thanks to the many tournaments the team has won. Founded in 1902, the team competes at the sharp […]

Tehomet Factories

Industry lighting upgrade reduces energy costs and improves working conditions for employees Tehomet is the largest manufacturer of custom steel and wooden lighting poles and high masts in Scandinavia. Established in 1979, the company is located in Kangasniemi, Finland and integrated the Valmont Group in 2007. As part of its continuous drive to lower energy […]

Super U Supermarket

The Ampera contributes to a better customer experience while cutting energy costs by 57% to help the store achieve its sustainability goals The Super U supermarket in Francin-Montmélian, near Chambéry, is currently being redeveloped to increase the surface area from 2,400 to 3,500m². The store manager decided to take advantage of the renovation works to […]

Rossemaison Sports Hall

OMNISTAR provides an energy efficient lighting solution that ensures perfect vision and visual comfort for this multi-purpose venue The local authorities of Rossemaison in Switzerland inaugurated a new sports hall, Forum Biwi, in 2016. While, this new venue will host many activities and events, it was primarily built to provide a new space for the […]

N31 Tunnel

Schréder tunnel lighting system, with ContiLED and OMNIstar luminaires managed by the ATS control system, provides a comfortable, safe and energy-efficient lighting solution The N31 is a regional road, with one lane in each direction, which connects the port of Zeebrugge to the north of France. Traffic was very dense on this road with many […]