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The white light of the new LED lighting solution improves visibility and security for motorists with a 60% cut in energy costs

Within the framework of the regeneration plan for the streets running along the River Meuse in Liege, the Walloon Ministry decided to replace the lighting in the Albert 1st underpass.

The objective was to increase the safety at the entrance and exit of the underpass by increasing the lighting levels and optimising the uniformity. To achieve this goal, they decided to install the Percepto mounted on the surface of the tunnel walls.

This new lighting solution has improved safety and comfort for the motorists with a 60% reduction in energy consumption. The white light of the LEDs provides a much better colour contrast, ensuring perfect visibility and a better perception of any potential obstacles for motorists.

A total of 95 Percepto luminaires fitted with 22 LEDs are installed. The luminaires are dimmed in groups of 5, depending on the height of the wall, to guarantee optimum uniformity.