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10,000 energy efficient LED luminaires to help the city reduce its energy consumption by 30% by 2020.

As part of its Climate and Energy Action Plan launched in 2007, the City of Paris has committed to reducing the energy consumption for its public lighting by 30% by 2020. The City which boasts many cultural and historical sites that attract tourists from all over the world, wants a public lighting system that is as environmentally friendly as possible with losing any of the City of Light’s sparkle.

A switch to LED luminaires which consume a lot less energy was an obvious choice. Evesa, the company in charge of the public lighting for the city launched a tender as part of a first deployment phase to replace 10,000 luminaires over a 30 month period.

In addition to the energy efficiency requirements over time (maintaining the light levels at 95% for 50,000 hours), the luminaires had to meet other technical (such as the IP and IK levels) and aesthetic criteria imposed by the city. Indeed, the city of Paris is very attached to its line of lighting furniture, characterised by rounded forms.
Schréder rose to the challenge and won the tender with the Citea NG.“It was obvious to us that the only way to satisfy all the criteria, was to redesign the Citea luminaire. The aesthetic design of this classic Schréder luminaire had already been approved by the Commission of Street Furniture. We completely redeveloped the photometric engine of the luminaire to integrate 56 LEDs, 87W with a colour temperature of 3,000K that would meet the lumen output requirements in the long term.” explains Vincent Jacquet, regional manager Ile-de-France for Schréder.

The Citea NG was designed with various mounting options (post-top, side-entry, suspended, catenary) to take into account the different supports in the Parisian landscape.
The city is delighted with the new lighting which has contributed to helping them already reduce energy consumption for public lighting by 18%.