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As part of its Urban Transport Scheme, the city of Nîmes and the Nîmes Metropole are limiting traffic in the city centre by developing environmentally friendly and economical public transport services so that residents will change their travel routines. A key project of this strategy was a new bus service from the city centre to the A54 motorway. In collaboration with lighting designers from Côté Lumière, the different landscapes (new and existing) along this route were carefully analysed and a lighting plan was drawn up to provide a coherent and contrasting lighting solution with safety and comfort. Pedestrian areas are lit by a warm light for a welcoming ambiance while the roads are lit by a colder white light and luminaires at different heights.

More than 350 Inoa luminaires were installed to light pedestrian areas such as the bus stops while almost 200 Wave luminaires, specifically designed for this project, light the main roads. The new luminaires dramatically reduce the energy consumption compared to the old ones, from 150W to 64W and can be equipped with a remote management system in the future to reduce energy costs further.

With more than 7,000 passengers daily, the new bus service has well and truly changed the lives of the residents.