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Barrio Cívico is the heart of Santiago’s administrative centre. This historically charged area is home to La Moneda, Chile’s presidential office and is surrounded by all the other Ministries which were built with typical Chilean architecture. In 2013, the President Sebastian Piñera wanted to celebrate Chile’s 200 years of independence by renovating this emblematic area. Lighting was an essential element of this project to provide a sense of security and well-being for the many tourists, commuters and visitors who pass through every day.

The lighting designer, Maite Zubicoa, was appointed to create a lighting concept while Schreder was asked to provide its expertise and technical support. Together, we worked in close collaboration to achieve the desired ambiance which was approved by the Ministry of Public Works.

The ModulLum was installed on the esplanade to guide people in comfort and safety. Its discreet integration successfully preserves a sense of space without drawing attention from the attractions.

The Piano luminaire lights Alameda, Santiago’s main avenue as well as the other surrounding roads and pavements. They provide a bright white light for excellent visibility in this popular destination.

Schréder is proud to have contributed to transforming this prestigious area of the city’s capital.