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As part of a regeneration plan to revive the town centre, the local authorities of Ilijaš have introduced a series of measures to reduce traffic and create pleasant areas for pedestrians. The street, Ilijaške Brigade, has been transformed into a pedestrian zone, with the goal of creating a dedicated public space for cultural and social activities in the town.

Lighting is, of course, a critical element for the success of such a project as people need to feel safe. From the project outset, it was established that the lighting for this zone needed to provide a welcoming ambiance with a sustainable solution that would require little maintenance.

In response, Schréder proposed an LED solution, the HapiLED. By day, this refined luminaire create a visual rhythm without overwhelming the landscape. By night, they provide a high quality white light to enhance the perceived sense of safety for users and make the urban space feel distinctly comfortable and inviting. In total, 35 HapiLEDs contribute to transforming this town centre.