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Enhancing heritage and creating a strong identity with energy savings of over 75%!

As part of an initiative of the IBERDROLA foundation to support art and culture by preserving local heritage, the prestigious Palacio de las Cortes benefits from a new lighting scheme since December 2014. Built in 1843 as the seat of the Cortes, the Spanish parliament, this monumental building is considered to be one of the finest examples of late neoclassical architecture and is photographed by the many tourists that pass by each day.

Schréder, in collaboration with the architects, José Sánchez Álvarez and Carlos Salas Gutierrez delivered an illumination, exclusively with LEDs, that highlights the beauty of the magnificent architecture and creates a strong identity to convey its importance for the Spanish population.

Discreet and very compact, a total of 39 floodlights were installed. They harmoniously integrate the façade and provide a gentle and precise white light to accentuate the architectural details while creating a harmonious atmosphere with the surrounding buildings. They use a mixture of warm and cold white light to distinguish the individual features: the portico, the six Corinthian columns and the triangular pediment. A total of 18 SCULPline were installed at the base of the pediment bring to life at night the symbolic statues that represent justice, courage, fortitude, harmony, science, arts, rivers, trade, agriculture, abundance and peace.

The SCULPdot focuses light on the Corinthian columns and bronze lions to highlight the architectural splendor and reinforce the strong identity of this edifice.

The floodlights offer a very long life and consume very little energy, providing energy savings of over 75% for the city compared to traditional fixtures.