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nergy efficient lighting solution brings a new lease of life

With energy savings a key priority, the local authorities of Wavre in Belgium chose the Valentino LED to breathe new life into the pedestrian area of the town centre. The lighting with low-pressure sodium lamps was no longer providing the necessary levels and the local authorities wanted to provide a safe and convivial environment to attract more people into the town and boost trade. Other improvements including new pavements were made in the area to give it an overall facelift.

With its elegant design, the Valentino LED perfectly integrates the environment, bringing a touch of charm to the daytime appearance and creating a welcoming atmosphere at night.

Equipped with latest in LED technology and a dimming system, the luminaires significantly minimise power consumption, generating substantial energy savings for the town. The luminaires are dimmed to 80% in the evening to save energy andalso contribute to the cosy ambiance that the restaurateurs wanted to create on their terraces. During the night, they are dimmed to 60%.

The local authorities are pleased with the new lighting which has enabled them to reduce energy costs while creating a new look and feel for the town centre. Local businesses and the inhabitants are also delighted to rediscover the charm of their home town.


The historical town of Alcácer do Sal launched the “Alcácer deserves the best!” regeneration project to revitalise the Sado riverfront and improve the quality of life for its inhabitants and the many tourists who visit each year. The area around the river was re-developed to create more footpaths and pedestrian zones while the roads were reorganised and car parks built to improve access to the numerous restaurants. A new lighting system was necessary to create a safe landscape with a warm nocturnal ambiance.

Initially, the local authorities wanted to install a globe type luminaire with a traditional discharge lamp. The impressive performance of the ModulLum LED however led them to change their minds. They were convinced by 3 main factors.

Firstly, the sense of safety and comfort that the ModulLum LED provides thanks to its optimised photometrical performance and white light, while ensuring that the required lighting levels are met (Emed of 13.6 lux and uniformity of 59% for class P2 according to CIE 115:2010). Secondly, the dramatic energy savings of 80% that this lighting solution generates compared to the initial solution. The long life span of the ModulLum LED will also reduce significantly maintenance costs.

The aesthetic design of the ModulLum LED which perfectly integrates the various surrounding landscapes sealed the choice of the local authorities.

In total, 126 ModulLum LEDs equipped with a symmetric photometric engine with only 16 LEDs (consumption 40W) were installed. 87 models at a height of 4.2m light the footpaths and streets while 39 models at a height of 5.4m light the car parks and roundabout.

Schréder is delighted to have provided this lighting solution that has transformed the nocturnal ambiance of this popular destination with minimal energy consumption and a reduced environmental footprint.