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Algés Viaduct

Dynamic lighting scheme transforms Algés Viaduct into a vibrant work of public art by night

Since September, the Algés Viaduct has been providing a warm festive welcome for people driving into the town of Oeiras. Thanks to a new illumination scheme, this concrete infrastructure has been transformed into a spectacular nocturnal landmark.

Nearly 600m long, the Algés Viaduct marks the border between the town of Oeiras and Lisbon. It starts in Passeio Marítimo de Algés, a neighbourhood on the north bank of the River Tagus, and links to the CRIL – Lisbon’s main interior ring road. A large square, 3 car parks and a transport hub with connections to the bus and train are located underneath the viaduct.

The local authorities wanted to create a memorable entrance into the town by illuminating this major gateway with a striking yet energy efficient lighting solution.

We drew up a dynamic lighting scheme with the SCULP floodlights and accompanied the city throughout the project, from the first visual design to the installation and commissioning.

In total, 210 floodlights were installed – 154 SCULPLINE with RGB and white tunable LEDs underneath the viaduct and 56 SCULPDOT with neutral white LEDs to illuminate the 14 pillars that support the viaduct.

The linear and minimalist design of both the SCULPLINE and SCULPDOT discreetly integrate the structure with little visual impact. The adjustable mounting system enabled all of the floodlights to be positioned to maximise uniformity on the surface of the viaduct and the pillars. Approximately 5km of cables (2.5km of power cables and 2.5 km of network cables) were installed under the overpass to ensure an easy and efficient operation of the illumination scheme.