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Tilburg Lighting Upgrade

Modularity of the FLEXIA enables this forward-thinking city to standardise its lighting network and achieve sustainability goals

The city of Tilburg, in the southern Dutch province of Brabant, has a reputation for innovation and efficiency. It constantly strives to put in place solutions that improve the quality of life for its citizens and enable it to achieve its goals of becoming energy neutral by 2045.

Like in many cities, street lighting accounts for a considerable percentage of the city’s energy consumption and the council wants to reduce its energy needs by installing low carbon solutions.

They were looking for an innovative, aesthetic and sustainable street lighting solution. FLEXIA ticked all the boxes!



Futureproof urban lighting 

The luminaires are designed for the future and can be continuously upgraded with the latest technology. The local council were delighted to see that we are choosing sustainable materials to build our luminaires. FLEXIA is a robust, long-lasting platform which can be recycled or reused at the end of its lifecycle. This fits perfectly with the city’s objectives to develop a circular economy.
Standardised network  

The decisive factor when choosing the new lighting solution was the modularity of the FLEXIA which meets all the requirements for standardising the city’s public lighting network.


In short, the modularity of the FLEXIA, its easy maintenance and futureproof structure was a winning combination for the city. By integrating the latest technologies in a modern design, it will enable the council to take the city to the next level and achieve its goals!