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Wind turbine creates superb landmark while enhancing brand presence

British Sky Broadcasting (BSB) built a wind turbine at their West London office in 2012 which generates 133MGW per year to cover all of the office power needs. The turbine towers is over 50m high and its unique curved column really makes it stand out. It has become one of the key landmarks as you enter London along the M4 corridor. To make a feature of their wind turbine and ensure their brand presence was highlighted after dark, Sky decided to invest in lighting using LEDs to minimise energy consumption and fit with the low carbon energy produced by the wind turbine. “This was a challenging project from start to finish as we had to meet the Civil Aviation Authority’s requirements as it is so close to Heathrow’s airport flight path” explains Chris Allum, Managing Director of Electrical Management Service who worked with Schréder on this project.

“To resolve this we carefully positioned the Neos units close to the turbine’s base to create a uniformed wash of light over the entire structure. This et-up meant the units were hidden from view and would not produce any glare as aircrafts descend. By ensuring a uniform lighting distribution it also removed any potential ‘hot spots’ on the turbine, which could be confusing to an approaching aircraft.”

In total, 16 Neos LED floodlights are installed around the turbine with 3 units mounted internally. When Steve Holford, Head of Engineering and Energy ay BSB commented that “Renewable power has never looked so sexy”, it was clear that the Neos LED floodlights had done a good job.