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Futuristic lighting for the heart of Budapest!

Schréder developed the Corvin Gate Public Light, a futuristic “lamp” for public lighting in collaboration with two Hungarian designers, Barbara Szöllõssy and Zsolt Pyka of Urban Landscape Group. This lighting feature was designed as part of the “Cultural Crossroads in Public Places” programme to renovate a small street off one of the city’s main avenues (Ferenc Boulevard) that is home to a cinema and a shopping centre. The goal was to create an identity for this area and attract customers.

The ultra-modern luminaire consists of two asymmetric feet and a beam positioned 4.8 metres high, stretching out over 35 metres. This scale and structure makes the gate an architectural curiosity. The central piece consists of 35 Astral LED luminaires incorporating 2,380 LEDs that light the square, replacing the outdated conventional luminaires. LEDs were chosen for their low power consumption and long-life. A special filter in the luminaires, provides an extraordinary visual effect with the two vertical LED walls embedded in the supporting legs. An eye catching logo was cut into the steel to reinforce identity. The frame of the luminaire is made of Corten steel which was chosen for its warm rusty aspect which contrasts with the state-of-the-art technology to create an exceptional symbiosis for this original structure. Such a striking feature certainly set high standards for the “Cultural Crossroads in Public Places” renovation programme!