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Voltana dramatically reduces energy costs while improving the nocturnal landscape for this popular tourist destination

Elvas is a UNESCO world heritage site and like many cities today, is concerned with reducing its energy costs and carbon footprint while ensuring a safe and appealing nocturnal landscape for its inhabitants and the numerous tourists who visit each year. The local authorities recently renovated a section of Elvas Circular, one of the main entrance roads into the city and took advantage to replace the old fixtures equipped with high-pressure sodium lamps (250W) with Voltana LED luminaires (110W). The new Voltana luminaires are fitted with a dimming system to further reduce energy consumption to 78W during the night when they are few people using the road. Despite this significant reduction in power which has cut energy costs by 73% for the city, the luminaires dramatically improve the quality of the lighting ( 1.74cd/m² – Emed 23 lux) to increase safety and comfort.

As part of their energy efficiency initiatives, the local authorities also replaced old fixtures equipped with sodium lamps (120W) with the Voltana 2 in 2 primary schools (Boa Fé and Santa Lúzia). The Voltana has cut energy costs and CO2 emissions by 54%.