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Energy efficient solution for green oasis in the city

Luisenpark is a public park that has been enchanting the residents and visitors to the city of Mannheim for the past 40 years with its many attractions including a greenhouse, “gondoletta” boats, Chinese garden and a variety of facilities for children. The park is a popular recreational spot both by day and by night.

As the green oasis of the city, the lighting in the park was replaced in 2014 to adopt a more energy efficient solution that would reduce the ecological footprint – the luminaires in the park were over 40 years old and no longer providing the correct lighting levels.

The Calla LED was chosen to light the park thanks to its low energy consumption (which would enable the park to reduce its CO2 emissions by 95 tonnes per year) and organic design which perfectly blends into the environment.

A total of 228 luminaires equipped with a LuCo-AD controller to dim the lights at night and a motion detection sensor were installed.

From midnight, the light is dimmed to 25% to reduce the energy consumption but if a visitor arrives, the lighting levels immediately rise to 100% to ensure visibility and a sense of safety.