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Belo Horizonte

The second largest football stadium in Brazil, Mineirão Stadium was recently renovated to host the 2013 FIFA Confederation Cup, the 2014 FIFA World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympics. The architectural office BCMF Arquitetos re-designed the stadium to feature:

– 64,000 seats
– 2,100 VIP seats spread over 80 areas of 10.765m²
– 2,569 parking spaces
– a tribune for 3,000 journalists and 390 commentators
– solar energy panels to generate electricity.

Schréder worked in collaboration with the lighting designer Sonia Mendes from Arquitetura e Luz to provide a complete lighting solution for the entire stadium, from the football pitch to the esplanade, from the helipad to the car park. Schréder also provided all the illumination solutions. The columns of the façade are lit by over 300 Focal and 400 BaroLED floodlights while the Terra lights the monuments. The stadium is now ready to safely welcome spectactors and players for successful competitions.