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The ferry boat in Ostend is a popular public transport service, used on a daily basis by local school children, commuters and tourists. It can transport up to 50 people and 20 bikes. This boat service aims to be a sustainable mode of transport and uses low sulphur diesel while the boat is heated by recovered heat from the engines.

New pontoons were recently installed on each side of the harbour to facilitate access to the boats, especially for people in wheel chairs. The local authorities wanted to light these pontoons with a sustainable solution that would not hinder access.

The SIXTYline ideal as it perfectly integrates the safety barrier and provides a low energy solution with high photometric performance and a long life span. In addition, its high IP 67 tightness level offers great protection against the harsh coastal climate and offers a virtually maintenance free solution.

With a discreet integration and real visual comfort, the SIXTYline has contributed to creating a safe and pleasant environment at night while marking the way without obtrusive lighting.