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As one of the energy efficiency projects implemented by the Millennium Development Goals (MDG-F) Programme for Environment and Climate Change, the Šetnica (Promenade) in Mostar has been transformed into a vibrant street and a meeting point for local residents.

Thanks to this programme which aims to provide environmental services with significant energy savings, the luminaires with high-pressure sodium lamps (which were no longer providing the necessary lighting levels) have been replaced by the modern and energy efficient Calla LED.

A total of 30 Calla LED luminaires, fitted with 28 LEDs, have been installed at a height of 3.5m. The correct lighting levels, stylish design and white light provided by these luminaires have dramatically improved the feeling of safety, visual comfort and ambiance for this popular street.

In addition, they have cut energy costs and CO2 emissions by 41% per year.

Mostar now benefits from the most contemporary, sustainable and aesthetic LED lighting scheme in the country.