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Visitors to New Mobility World at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt/Main from 17th to 27th September were treated to the first live demonstration of the shuffle – the ultimate solution that will play a pivotal role in supporting the managers of public and privately-managed spaces to engage people with their environments, creating social cohesion, boosting local trade and fostering civic pride.

With a total of 49 Shuffles on display throughout the hall, visitors had the opportunity to discover the different features that this unique concept offers and how it can be adapted to the needs and characteristics of each specific environment.

Much more than a lighting column, the shuffle connects people to their social environment. It can integrate control systems, loudspeakers, surveillance cameras, hotspots, electrical vehicle chargers, signage and a lot of other features to make people feel truly at home. Managers of cities and privately-managed sites can integrate up to 5 modules in each column to suit the specific needs of their environment, securing better services and infrastructure for themselves and their citizens.


State-of-the art LED technology and a wide range of photometries adapted to various applications such as roads, streets, squares, pedestrian crossings, footpaths and architectural illumination ensure all lighting requirements are met in one column.


Achieve energy savings of up to 85% thanks to our lighting and control systems. For autonomous or interoperable networks (managing, monitoring, controlling and metering) with or without detection scenarios (PIR sensor). One controller can command all the lighting modules of a Shuffle and propose different scenarios per module.


A touch of colour creates identity and a vivid ambiance. It can also be a useful tool to manage living spaces. For example, in flashing mode, it can guide people in the right direction in an emergency situation. It could also indicate if the EV charger in being used.


Two wireless internet versions are available: campus scale (for shopping centres or business complexes) as an extension of an existing network or urban scale (for city applications) so multiple users can connect at the same time. The bandwidth can be divided to assign a part to city operators with the remaining WiFi offered to the public so people can stay connected.


A superior compact CCTV camera with perfect night vision efficiency, high brightness compensation and advanced event detections helps reduce crime and increase public safety.


An integrated sound system can be used for advertisements, public service announcements or to broadcast music or a local radio for specific events or simply for convivial open spaces.


As electric vehicles become more affordable, this advanced AC charging station offers an integrated solution for E-Mobility. With more charging points available, mobility will become greener and the air in the city purer.

Information, identity, safety, communication, entertainment, health and mobility in one single column!

No need to multiply the devices each time a need is identified for an environment.

More than 500 visitors were enthralled by this new concept which can dramatically transform landscapes by freeing up space while providing valuable services for the users and operational benefits for the managers.

In addition to the various lighting options which were visible throughout the hall, they were able to experience the efficiency of motion detection sensors in the indoor bicycle path. As the cyclists arrived, the dimmed lighting levels increased to ensure safety and comfort and the light ring changed colour to indicate their presence.

EV chargers for electric cars were available everywhere so that cars could be recharged.

Cameras in the Shuffle columns at the entrances detected the arrival of visitors and broadcasted a welcome message.

Images from the different cameras located in the hall could be viewed in the Schréder control room in real time, highlighting how they can help reinforce security and manage emergency situations.

Visitors could also enjoy music being broadcast from the loudspeakers and had permanent access to the Internet thanks to WiFi from the Shufffle.

“Schréder is dedicated to creating innovative solutions that will help connect people to their social environments (public or private). They reflect our vision and our ambition to be the Partner Beyond Light of our customers. The Shuffle is the ultimate solution available on the market today for transforming public and private spaces into more sustainable, safer and convivial environments that will create engaging and intuitive experiences for citizens. Our participation at New Mobility World gave visitors the opportunity to see that for themselves.” explains André Papoular, CEO of the Schréder Group.

Thanks to a smart design, the Shuffle is an affordable, completely energy efficient solution that requires very low maintenance. It takes advantage of a unique energy supply to effectively deploy the various services. By providing multiple requirements in a single column, it minimises the material needed in spaces and lowers the carbon footprint of an installation.