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Welcoming and safe environment with 30% energy savings

As part of the Masterplan for Flanders Coastal Safety, the local authorities of Wenduine completely renovated the town’s seafront in 2015. Two new sea walls were built to protect the town from floods. The sea front was enlarged to incorporate a road and more leisure facilities (promenade, sports field, skate park and petanque terrain) to enhance the quality of life for residents and boost tourism in this coastal town.

For lighting this modern landscape, the local authorities wanted a state-of-the-art lighting solution that would meet security, energy and sustainability requirements whilst creating a welcoming nocturnal ambiance to encourage residents and tourists to take full advantage of the new facilities. After launching a contest, the local authorities chose the Teceo and ModulLum luminaires as they were impressed by their aesthetic design and high performance which would enable them to cut their annual energy costs by 30%.

A total of 78 Teceo were installed along the seafront. They are mounted at different heights on the same poles along the road and the promenade. In the skate park, they provide a crisp white light with excellent colour rendering to help users distinguish between the differing slopes and obstacles.
The Teceo also lights the sports field and petanque terrain, diffusing a bright white light for excellent visibility with high visual comfort.

The ModulLum was chosen to light the beach and a walkway along the front of the beach. They diffuse a soft white light for a warm ambiance at night.

The local authorities are delighted with the new lighting scheme which creates a dynamic and safe space after dusk.