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Improved user experience and visual comfort with no initial investment

The Ginásio Clube in the northern Portuguese town of Santo Tirso has been providing sporting facilities for the local residents since 1961. The complex incorporates a swimming pool and a sports hall where different sports including football, handball and volleyball are played.

When the club decided to renovate the pool and hall, they wanted a lighting solution that would ensure the correct lighting levels while dramatically reducing the energy and maintenance costs.

With the OMNIstar solution from Schréder, the club was able to reduce the number of luminaires in the sports hall from 40 to 15. As the old luminaires were equipped with 400W high-pressure sodium lamps, the club will cut its energy costs by an impressive 75%.

Maintenance costs will also be significantly reduced as LEDs have a considerably longer life span, lasting 3 to 4 times longer than the previous lamps.
The LEDs have a useful life 3 to 4 times higher than the previously used lamps, which means long periods without maintenance, meaning significant savings with the advantage of avoiding the need to stop the activities whenever it was necessary to change a lamp.

While this new lighting scheme has been funded by a leasing solution, the generated energy savings compensates the monthly payments, meaning that the club has managed to improve the visual comfort and user experience with no initial investment. A win-win solution for all.