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A flexible and energy efficient lighting solution to meet the needs of the different users of this multi-purpose hall

The Scailmont Centre in Manage is a venue for sports, hobbies and cultural activities. The lighting in multi-purpose hall was no longer working properly and could only be switched on and off. As this hall is used for various activities, including training sessions and competitions as well as children’s clubs during the school holidays, different lighting levels are needed. The managers of the hall decided to replace the lighting with an energy efficient solution that could be adapted to suit the various needs of the people using the hall.

They opted for an LED lighting solution with the FV32 LED. Its low energy consumption and dimming options was ideal for achieving the goal of the new lighting scheme. A total of 24 FV32 LED luminaires were installed to achieve an average illumination of 600 lux. The luminaires can be dimmed by a simple control system with 4 buttons:

B2: 50 lux – lighting is dimmed to 10%, generating 85% energy savings
B3: 300 lux – lighting is dimmed to 50% with 50% energy savings
B4: 600 lux – lighting is switched on at 100%.