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Intelligent lighting solution improves safety and comfort while generating energy savings of 60%

Docapesca manages all the fishing ports and some marinas in Portugal. As part of its initiatives to invest in social responsibility and provide innovative infrastructure, the organisation decided to replace the lighting schemes for the ports of Olhão, Sagres, Portimão, Lagos, Peniche, Póvoa de Varzim and Sines. The lighting solution had to guarantee a safe and comfortable environment while reducing energy and maintenance costs.

Schréder won the contract to provide the new lighting thanks to an intelligent solution integrating high-performing LED luminaires fitted with the Owlet remote manangement system. The OMNIstar (128 LEDs) installed on 12m high columns light the ports while the access roads are lit by the Nano 2 LED (24 LEDs).

The luminaires provide a bright white light for perfect visibility during the dark evenings and are dimmed during the night to reduce energy consumption to a minimum while ensuring a secure environment.

In total, 31 OMNIstar, 160 Nano 2 LED and 29 Neos LED luminaires were installed, generating energy savings of 60%. Docapesca is delighted with the new lighting which has also improved safety in these busy ports while reducing the environmental footprint.