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Queens Square – Crawley

Queens Square – Crawley

Shuffle provides a smart interactive lighting platform for the redevelopment of this square in the heart of the town centre

The town of Crawley has expanded rapidly since the Second World War, from a small market town to a large town with a thriving population of more than 100,000 people. The local council launched a redevelopment programme in 2014 to turn the town centre into a dynamic business growth hub with a bold and vibrant community. Queens Square, a pedestrianised zone that lies at the heart of the town centre, was renovated to create an inviting, distinctive and enjoyable public space that would encourage more people to visit, stay and make use of the area. New high-quality paving, plants, a decorative water feature as well as formal and informal seating were installed.

With new technological innovations enabling local authorities to think differently about the way they create, plan and experience urban life, the local council wanted smart decorative lighting columns for this square.
They opted for the Shuffle column. The Shuffle diffuses a bright white light to ensure a sense of security and well-being while its’ refined design perfectly complements the modern architecture on the square. The Shuffle, fitted with WiFi modules, also provides a smart interactive platform for the future.
Schréder also delivered a customised lighting solution for the new benches on the square that conveys a modern, floating appearance.

The newly refurbished square, which was officially reopened in completed in October 2017, provides a high-quality living space for the residents while the Council can now benefit from increased public safety, reduced energy consumption and minimal maintenance requirements.