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Borgloon City Centre

Borgloon City Centre

Elegant Shuffle post-top LED luminaire helps this city significantly reduce energy consumption and create an attractive nocturnal outdoor neighbourhood for citizens

The small historical city of Borgloon in the province of Limbourg has preserved its medieval character, thanks to its market square, narrow streets and gates.

In 2018, the local authorities decided to renovate the public lighting in the city centre. They wanted a modern, sustainable LED lighting system that would enable them to reduce energy costs.

The new lighting scheme for the main square and neighbouring residential streets had to satisfy different criteria:

  • help motorists move around safely and identify any obstacles quickly
  • create a warm nocturnal ambiance that would encourage residents to spend more time outside and interact
  • guarantee the safety of pedestrians and children playing outside
  • prevent light spill in homes
  • get rid of any dark areas to enhance the sense of security and prevent vandalism and inappropriate behaviour.

The local authorities also wanted a luminaire that would be reminiscent of the city’s medieval lanterns and that could be mounted on both poles and wall brackets.

The Shuffle post-top was the ideal solution.

Available with a wide range of photometric distributions, it perfectly lights the diverse public spaces in the city, including the squares, residential streets and commercial arteries.

Fitted with a 360° cylindrical protector, it adds a touch of elegance to the landscape, both by day and by night.

What is more, installed on poles and wall brackets, it brings aesthetic coherence to a variety of environments.

By replacing the old fixtures equipped with 150W discharge lamps with the 33W Shuffle post-top luminaire, the city has reduced its power consumption by 70%.

With the new lighting, the city has not only upgraded to a more energy-efficient infrastructure, it has created a well-lit, safer urban nightscape where residents feel comfortable, encouraging a more diverse use of its public spaces.