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Tervuren Tunnel

Tervuren Tunnel

Maximum comfort for better mobility with minimal energy consumption

The Tervuren Tunnel on the Brussels ring road – one of the busiest in the country – is now also one of the safest and most sustainable.
Well known to Belgians due to the high numbers of commuters travelling through each day on their way in and out of the capital city, the tunnel was fitted with a smart lighting solution in 2019.

The Flemish Ministry of Transport and Mobility (AWV) had decided to replace the 20-year old fluorescent and sodium fixtures in this two-lane, dual-tunnel system with LED luminaires to save energy, money and time.

More than 1,400 LED luminaires managed by the ATS control system were installed to light this 540m long tunnel.

Lighting to improve visibility with less energy

The AWV chose the TAG and ContiLED luminaires to upgrade the tunnel lighting.

They were chosen for their high-performance and light weight.
For these energy-efficient fixtures guarantee the right lighting levels with excellent uniformity (Uo > 40% and UL > 70%) and high visual comfort.

Just over 600 TAG luminaires light the critical entrance zone, providing the 300cd/m² required by European regulations to reduce the contrast with the sun outside and guarantee safety.

The interior zone is lit by 840 ContiLED luminaires, that deliver the necessary 12cd/m². During the night, the levels are reduced to 3cd/m².

They have improved visibility in the tunnel, ensuring a safer and more comfortable driving experience with less energy consumption.