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Loi Tunnel

Loi Tunnel

Energy-efficient lighting solution provides safety and ambiance for this busy tunnel

The Loi Tunnel is one of the main entrances into the city centre of Brussels. It brings motorists onto the busy Rue de la Loi, a major business district of this capital city and home to many European institutional buildings. This road tunnel was renovated in 2015 as part of the construction of the new RER train network for the city.

Whilst renovating, the Minister of the Brussels-Capital Region decided to replace the lighting to provide a more comfortable environment for the numerous motorists who pass through it every day.

The objective was to install an energy-efficientcompact and glare free lighting solution that would provide optimal uniformity while reducing operating costs.

The solution had to be compact to enhance the construction of this modern tunnel and create a more convivial driving experience for users.

To satisfy these requirements, Schréder proposed an efficient solution to enhance the aesthetic quality and safety of the route.

Five hundred metres of guard rails incorporating 480m of SCULPline luminaires equipped with white LEDs were supplied for the exit and entrance to the tunnel. The luminaires provide a bright white light to ensure perfect visibility and optimal comfort.

A total of 700m² of sound-absorbing panels was also provided for the entrance and exit walls as well as the walls outside the tunnel. The SCULPline fitted with blue LEDs has been integrated into these panels to enhance the construction of the tunnel, creating a striking nocturnal feature for what is usually a quite sombre and monotonous environment.The result is a safe tunnel that creates a vibrant yet relaxing landscape for a pleasant driving experience.

Thanks to the high-performance of the LED luminaires, the new lighting solution will also cut energy costs by 50% for the Minister of the Brussels-Capital Region.