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Paço de Arcos Gardens

Paço de Arcos Gardens

Sustainable lighting solution to extend the usability of these gardens into the night-time

Located in the heart of Paço de Arcos, just outside Oeiras, this garden is undoubtedly the public living room of the village.

All of the local community events take place here and residents regularly gather to chat, relax and take advantage of the riverside facilities.

Oeiras city council wanted to extend the usability of this public space, cherished by the local residents, into the night-time.

They decided to install a new sustainable, smart lighting system that would help to highlight its heritage and improve the user experience.

They opted for the Oyo LED luminaire, controlled by the Owlet IoT system.

This highly efficient LED luminaire delivers a soft white light to create an inviting nocturnal space which will encourage a more diverse use of the space to play an even more prominent role in the social and economic life of the local community.

The local authorities particularly appreciated the curved design of the Oyo, which brings a touch of elegance to the landscape both by day and by night.

What is more, the new lighting system will help the council to reduce energy consumption by 55%.

Fitted with the Owlet IoT system, the council now has the necessary infrastructure in place for smart city initiatives.