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Lausanne Wastewater Treatment Plant

LED industry lighting solution improves workplace performance and cuts operating costs.

The Lausanne-Vidy wastewater treatment plant treats wastewater from the city of Lausanne and fifteen nearby municipalities. With its 64,000m², it is one of the last large-scale industrial sites to be located near a city centre.
Originally built in the 1960s, the plant underwent a major renovation in recent years to comply with current environmental protection laws and accommodate demand from an ever-increasing population.

EPURA, the company responsible for managing the plant on behalf of the city, installed the latest technologies to treat the wastewater, micropollutants and sewage sludge and ultimately improve the quality of water for the region around Lake Geneva.

Conscious of its environmental footprint, the company also decided to replace the lighting in the plant to cut power consumption whilst ensuring safe working conditions.


Cost saving lighting

An LED lighting solution was the obvious choice for 3 reasons:

  • cut energy costs and CO2 emissions
  • ensure a brighter and more uniform lighting for better working conditions
  • reduce maintenance operations.

To light the entire site, a total of 865 INDU LINE 3 Gen 2 and 50 INDU FLOOD were installed.


Increased performance  

The INDU LINE delivers a crisp white light, improving visibility and visual comfort throughout the facility.
Thanks to its high CRI (80), employees can easily inspect the water to detect septic conditions and discern different colours on the pump motors and other machines. The improved working conditions have contributed to optimising employee productivity.


Reduced maintenance  

The old traditional discharge lamps cost the plant both money and valuable personnel time when the bulbs needed changing. Thanks to the robust design and long life of the LEDs, maintenance operations and the ensuing costs have been reduced for many years to come.

The new lighting is in line with the company’s work to reduce its environmental impact and encourage a more responsible use of energy while ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.