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Avenue of Stars

SHUFFLE smart pole helps creates people-centred cultural destination for this iconic walkway

Avenue of Stars, the famous waterfront promenade with its Walk of Fame and striking panoramic views of the city’s skyline at night has been attracting visitors from around the globe since it opened in 1982.

In 2016, after welcoming around half a million visitors per month, it was in need of a refurbishment. The local authorities drew up a major redevelopment plan for the entire Victoria dockside area with the goal of turning the 440m-long walkway into a world-class “Instagram-worthy” promenade, ideal for both tourists and locals alike to gather and interact.
The best technology

The local authorities wanted the best technology to create a high-quality public realm with easily accessible open spaces where events and celebrations could take place.

The handprints of the film stars were moved to handrails along the harbour front with QR codes which, upon scanning, allow visitors to take selfies with their favourite actors via AR technology or watch clips from their films.

Numerous trellises, trees and other canopies with sprinklers were installed to provide shade when the tropical heat and humidity descends upon the city. Environmentally friendly materials were used for new seating which was doubled and the handrail.

As the large crowds arrive at night to capture the magnificent views, an aesthetic, state-of-the-art, sustainable lighting solution was essential to guide them safely. The SHUFFLE was, of course, the ideal solution.
Lighting design and performance 

With minimalist aesthetics and energy-efficiency driving the design, the SHUFFLE reflects the completely modern identity of the area while offering innovation and creativity.

This refined pole harmoniously integrates the space, delivering a high-quality light with low energy consumption. It creates a warm welcoming ambiance, without detracting from the architecture and dazzling skyline. People feel completely at ease and can move around in complete safety and comfort.

The robust design and materials of the SHUFFLE will ensure performance over time in this tropical marine climate.

Moreover, this smart pole opened up possibilities to integrate other technology and to deliver more services for visitors and operators with no visual impact on the scenery.
Connected landscape

With AR technology delivering one of the main attractions on the promenade, free WiFi was a must to enable visitors to enjoy the service and upload their selfies without any data woes.

With thousands of visitors per day, a robust network was needed to handle the huge amounts of data whilst ensuring a smooth connection for all. The SHUFFLE installed at regular distances along the promenade integrates WiFi hotspots to deliver the necessary connectivity for all.
People-centred design  

The use of active spaces in cities must also come with improved security. By integrating cameras into the SHUFFLE poles, the local authorities have increased the sentiment of safety and security and will facilitate the task of the local emergency services in case any incidents occur as they can easily identify where they need to go.

With the promenade set to host large scale events like art installations and open-air concerts, the loudspeakers in the SHUFFLE columns will not only contribute to creating a festive ambiance by broadcasting music and announcements, they will also help organisers guide the huge crowds if necessary.
Electric sockets were also installed in certain SHUFFLE poles for food kiosks and mobile carts that offer typical dishes and special edition souvenirs.

All of these services contribute to a feeling of well-being that creates an unforgettable experience for visitors.
Sustainable innovation 

A total of 46 SHUFFLEs were installed along the promenade. By integrating so much technology – light, WiFi, CCTV, loudspeakers and electrical sockets – in one refined pole, the local authorities have significantly decluttered the visual landscape and reduced the carbon footprint.

The renovated promenade is the first outdoor space in Hong Kong to receive the SITES Gold certification (an internationally recognised sustainability certification program). The SHUFFLE certainly contributed by reducing energy consumption and the materials used.
A vibrant cultural quarter

The new public realm has certainly breathed life into Hong Kong, providing a superb, well-designed, landmark public space. Visitors are fully enjoying the new facilities, swooning over the panoramic views and enjoying the Hong Kong experience!