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Rossemaison Sports Hall

Rossemaison Sports Hall

OMNISTAR provides an energy efficient lighting solution that ensures perfect vision and visual comfort for this multi-purpose venue

The local authorities of Rossemaison in Switzerland inaugurated a new sports hall, Forum Biwi, in 2016. While, this new venue will host many activities and events, it was primarily built to provide a new space for the members of the SHC Rossemaison roller hockey team to train together and to host matches so that the club can evolve in the LNA – Switzerland’s first division league. As the facilities will be available to rent, the floor was designed so that many different sports could be practiced.

The club needed a flexible lighting solution that would ensure the correct lighting for the different events taking place including the specific requirements of the European Roller Hockey League so that they can host matches.

The OMNISTAR was ideal. This high-performing LED floodlight can be controlled to easily adapt the light output to the needs of the event taking place.