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Super U Supermarket

The Ampera contributes to a better customer experience while cutting energy costs by 57% to help the store achieve its sustainability goals

The Super U supermarket in Francin-Montmélian, near Chambéry, is currently being redeveloped to increase the surface area from 2,400 to 3,500m². The store manager decided to take advantage of the renovation works to transform the supermarket into an exemplary project in terms of environmental and energy management.

As part of this strategy, the lighting in the car park was replaced.
The new lighting not only had to help reduce the stores’ environmental impact and provide operating cost savings but also easily guide customers from their arrival in the car park to the store entrance and create a feeling of safety.

Schréder proposed the Ampera which due to its superior efficiency, long lifespan and limited maintenance requirements, minimises the total cost of ownership.

A total of 18 Ampera Midi (48 LEDs – 107W) were installed to replace the old fixtures equipped with high-pressure sodium lamps (250W) on 8m high poles.

They deliver the required amount of light without any light spill into neighbouring areas.

The bright white light of the LEDs ensures perfect visibility and safety for customers as they move around the car park by foot and in their vehicles, contributing to a better customer experience.

The switch to LED lighting was definitely a big step in the right direction as it will generate energy savings of 57%, helping the store manager to achieve the sustainability goals for the supermarket.