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Daussoulx Interchange

Daussoulx Interchange

Ampera and Owlet control system improve safety while reducing energy and operating costs for this traffic hot-spot which is the largest interchange in Wallonia

The Daussoulx interchange is the largest in the Wallonia region. It is not only the interchange for the motorway that connects the north of the country to the south, but also for the motorway running from east to west. This junction is often a traffic hot-spot, especially in the morning and evening rush hours.

The Walloon government and Sofico, its financial agency, launched an ambitious investment plan to renovate the region’s motorways and create a smart road network that would improve safety and mobility. They decided to replace the lighting on this interchange, which was lit by 450 fixtures equipped with low-pressure sodium lamps and had a high energy consumption. They wanted a new lighting solution that would enable them to reduce energy and maintenance costs as well as improve visibility with the best illuminance/consumption ratio.

The Ampera proved to be the best solution. A total of 340 Ampera Maxi (80 LEDs) were installed on new steel posts. The new lighting provides numerous advantages:

  • a 30% reduction in energy consumption
  • fewer maintenance operations to lower costs and disruption for drivers
  •  easy, tool free access for the rare maintenance operations
  •  an increase in the luminous efficacy which meant that the number of luminaires was cut from 450 to 340
  •  a better colour perception to optimise visibility and improve safety.

The local authorities decided to go one-step further and install the Owlet control system to cut costs even more and optimise the lighting installation. They will be able to adapt the lighting according to the traffic density, weather conditions and emergency situations. This is the first control system to be installed on a Belgian motorway.