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Place Vendôme – Paris

Place Vendôme – Paris

Schréder delivers energy efficient LED optics and floodlights to give one of France’s most iconic landmarks a nocturnal makeover

Place Vendôme in Paris is one of the most beautiful and prestigious squares in France. This octagonal square and the arcaded buildings around it, which were built between 1687 and 1701, are a magnificent example of neoclassical architecture. A square steeped in history, today it is home to the Ritz Hotel and some of the city’s most fashionable boutiques. Every day, it attracts thousands of visitors who come to stroll around the square, admiring the architecture and soaking up the ambiance.
As part of its Climate and Energy Action Plan to reduce the energy consumption for its public lighting by 30% by 2020, the city council decided to upgrade the lighting on the square while preserving the character of this historic centre.

They wanted to keep the traditional lanterns in cast iron and change the light sources inside. LED optics incorporating white LEDs (2,700K) replaced the old high-pressure sodium lamps, significantly reducing energy and maintenance costs. In total, 228 luminaires were upgraded. They deliver a uniform lighting that preserves its unique luminous ambiance.

The 19 mansions that encompass the square are identical, creating an impressive architectural unity. The city council decided to illuminate the façades. Just over 50 POSS floodlights (3000K) were installed. They bathe the elegant arches and columns that adorn the façades of these majestic houses with a gentle white light.

The new lighting has given this iconic landmark a complete makeover, creating a comfortable and inviting nocturnal space, worthy of the City of Light.