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Plastifoz Production Hall – Figueira Da Foz

Plastifoz Production Hall – Figueira Da Foz

INDU BAY minimises operating costs while ensuring optimal working conditions for all employees working in this busy production facility

Plastifoz is a Portuguese company, specialised in designing and developing products from plastic.

As part of the company’s goal to meet growing market requirements and to expand their range of products, the firm decided to renovate the production hall at their Figueira da Foz plant in 2016. This refurbishment would also help the company consolidate its presence on the international market.
The company wanted a robust energy efficient lighting solution that would provide optimal visual conditions and withstand the challenging ambient conditions. They opted for the INDU BAY.

A total of 35 INDU BAY luminaires were installed. These highly efficient LED luminaires provide the right levels of luminosity and uniformity to ensure that the employees can concentrate more, leading to higher performance and greater efficiency.