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Valkenburg City Centre

Valkenburg City Centre

Pilzeo and Citea NG luminaires provide a better quality of light for the city of Valkenburg while reducing energy costs by almost 50%

The city of Valkenburg has been a tourist magnet for many years. People come to discover the castle from which you can observe the glorious landscape of Limburg, the mines and caves with their drawings that date back to Roman times as well as the spas and sidewalk cafés.
In 2016, the local authorities launched a plan to upgrade the public lighting infrastructure with LED technology to reduce the city’s energy consumption and environmental footprint while improving the quality of light in the city centre.

For this plan, they chose the Pilzeo and Citea NG luminaires thanks to their aesthetic design and cost-effectiveness. Both luminaires are equipped with performing photometric engines that ensure safety and well-being in the public space in the most sustainable way.

Nearly 400 luminaires were replaced throughout 2017. They blend perfectly into the landscape and provide an excellent quality of light, making the streets appear clearer, with objects more defined. They have also reduced energy costs by almost 50%.
The local authorities are delighted with the new lighting scheme, which has not only helped them achieve their objectives, but also brought a new lease of life to the city centre.